Proudly worn at rallies across the usa!

We don’t just make T-Shirts!!!¬† Our mission is to create designs for Patriots that serve to promote patriotism, start conversations, and deliver a message.¬† Our designs are eye-catching yet comfortable to wear to a peaceful protest, rally, or even the grocery store.¬† While our designs are wearable art and memes, and they are also our way of assisting to wake up friends, family, and neighbors.¬† We continue to fight on after being censored and deplatformed from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, PayPal, and Venmo.¬† The United States of America is the greatest country ever created under God, and we’ve been under attack for years.¬† We can all do something in this fight, from attending school board meetings to watching the polls… we’re helping the patriotic to show their love of the USA!¬†

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Creating the ‘We The People’ design featured on the products below.¬† [Subscribe on YouTube]

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Recent Customer Reviews

Daniel S
July 12, 2023
Awesome shirt
Wear it all the time
Bill C
July 12, 2023
Great shirt and fast shipping.  Thanks!
Patricia M
July 12, 2023
Armor of God shirt
I bought this for my father and he loved it.
John B
July 10, 2023
Quick and easy transaction!
Heather B
July 10, 2023
Great shirt and a great message!

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All of our products are 100% original artwork made right here in the USA!

Explore The Patriot Map!

We started this mission by connecting Patriots on Telegram, and we haven’t stopped!

Before we started releasing our artwork to the Patriot community, we focused on connecting the censored Patriots fleeing from Twitter and Parler over to Telegram.¬† Telegram is still one of the best ‘free speech’ platforms with millions of Patriots sharing valuable information.¬† It’s tough to navigate to where to connect, so we started the Patriot Map in February 2021.¬†¬†

We still feature this directory of Patriot run Channels and Groups as our way to continue to support the community.  

If you are passing through our website please exit via the Patriot Map and find some fellow Patriots in your travels.  

Be cautious of Trump coins, they run rampant and are of no real value (Yes, the price of free speech means affiliate marketers).  

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