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We started as a resource to connect Patriots on Telegram after the exodus from various Social Media platforms during the “Big Tech purge of 2020”.

What started as a few tweets and parlays inviting other Patriots to Telegram became a powerful movement connecting hundreds of thousands of Patriots worldwide resulting in the sharing of information and opportunities.  Our mission is to provide a way for Patriots to connect and find each other on Telegram, which is currently the best social media platform that isn’t censoring us right now. 

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American Switch – Say No To Walmart!

Why do we spend our hard-earned money at stores that don’t support our values?  Why do we buy products made by companies that spend over $20 billion per year in advertising that fund the “Mainstream Media”?  Why are some brands selling toxic products that are now being pulled from the shelves?  

There is now an alternative through the American Switch project, which is a group of people that love our country and are helping Americans switch their shopping to a family-owned manufacturer that makes the products we use every day at the same prices, but also shares our principles and values!

You can switch your shopping to a family-owned manufacturer that makes high-quality products in the USA, supports American jobs and families, and doesn’t fund the media through advertising!

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They’ve separated and isolated us physically and now they’re trying to divide us digitally.

Not gonna happen, not on our watch! That’s why we created The Patriot Map™ as a free tool for all of our members to stay connected on Telegram in these crazy times!

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The biggest mistake Big Tech ever made was introducing us to Telegram!

Telegram is fast, lightweight, private, free, and the last stand for free speech on the internet.

There is no fact-checking, there are no algorithm’s. We are the news now. And Telegram is where it’s all happening!

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Wear em’ loud, wear em’ proud. Show the world and your liberal neighbors that us Patriots aren’t going away anytime soon.

All of our products are 100% original artwork made right here in the USA.

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