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Our mission is to create great designs for Patriots that serve to promote patriotism, start conversations, and deliver a message! Our designs are eye-catching yet comfortable to wear to a peaceful protest, rally, or the grocery store. While our designs are both wearable art and memes, they are also our way of assisting you to wake up your friends, family, and neighbors!

We continue to fight after being censored and de-platformed from Twitter, PayPal, Venmo, and several others. The United States of America is the greatest country ever created under God, and we’ve been under attack for years! We can all do something in this fight, from attending school board meetings to watching your local polling station. We’re happy to contribute by helping the patriotic show their love for this great country! 

Our Story

We are truly a family-owned business, a family of four made up of two children and a husband and wife. My wife and I were both raised with conservative values and trying our best to instill those values into our children’s lives as they grow up. We are living through crazy times and have seen the  impact of woke culture on our society. We grew up saying the pledge of allegiance and saying grace at the dinner table. Now we’re fighting with parents at school board meetings and shielding our children from YouTube and Roblox. Our beliefs have cost us opportunities in life and led to great joys in life as well. We’re awake to what many others are seeing everyday and not sure what our country will look like by 2024 and beyond.

Some people are scared that we are living through the end times, but we view it as living through historic times that are so dynamic that you don’t know what will happen next. We are just like you, we listen to X22 Report and Badlands Media as we fall asleep and wake up everyday wondering how much gas and groceries are going to cost. We aren’t just here ‘selling merch’ but contributing with our abilities to help out with the cause. We believe that we need to be strong together, cutting out division and doing what is best with our families. If we help wake up an individual or simply help you feel more comfortable as you put on your favorite t-shirt, we’re doing something to help and that’s something that matters.  

Who are the Patriotic?

Our customers, members, and friends are the patriotic! We The Patriotic care about Republic of the United States of America, which was simply an idea over 200 years ago that has held strong for centuries but is slowly being chipped away at. We are NOT fans of socialism and communism, but see it being woven into daily life. We have to pray and protect our God, our true President, our freedom, and our families by standing strong through these times!


Nothing is more gratifying than walking down the boardwalk at the shore and seeing someone wearing a t-shirt that you sell on your website! Yes, that really happened and makes all the headaches of web design, hosting, debugging, advertising, and accounting worthwhile. The part we enjoy is designing and contributing in our own way. We work hard to provide the best products and great customer service while differencing ourselves with unique designs as we build friendships in the patriot community. We are the patriotic and we hope you are too!

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